Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drew's Big Day

Drew Gentry
I was there just minutes after she was born
She was the cousin I had always wanted
 And on Saturday, it came full circle....she married the man of her dreams and my little Maddox was her flower girl
 Such a sweet time being together to celebrate Drew's big day
 It was a time for our family to be together and share in the joy of her marriage and her life
 The boys were honored to be a part of the festivities as well.....
 These are Drew's girls, her friends for life
 And sweet Maddox took it all in often referring to the day as "her wedding day"....however, Maddox was very concerned with the kissing part and said to Drew many times, "Tell me you aren't going to KISS him!"
 Laughter, tears of joy, tears of change, and much more laughter.....
 My dad, "Pop," embraced Maddox for her job well done
 It was a bit chilly and the wedding was outside but all involved smiled and enjoyed the ceremony as if they were in the warmest, coziest place ever
 Jay was the ring bearer and quite the entertainment of the weekend....his dance moves are incredible!
Though I am sure it is against all wedding etiquette, I snapped this picture with my phone as Drew was walking down the aisle....Kenny's face says it all!
 Drew just minutes before she made her debut as Mrs. Strack
 After it was all over, the excitement continued for our girl as she went through a few gifts and surprises she received throughout the weekend.....
and within minutes of leaving the venue, this little one was all snug in her carseat dreaming of her own big day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Bridal Luncheon

On a day in late May, almost 23 years ago, a very special girl was born.  She was the cousin I had always prayed for and a dream come true.  She was perfect in every way!  
 What a privilege it has been to watch her grow up into a beautiful young lady!
 Friday, March 27, we all gathered together to begin a weekend of celebrating her marriage to the love of her life, Kenny or "Kenneth" as she often calls him.
 These young ladies have been her right hand for many years.....from high school and then on to college....
 And sweet Maddox was happy to be in the middle of the party!  She was asked to be Drew's flower girl for the special day and she could not have been happier to be a part of the wedding festivities.
 With mothers, aunts, cousins, and friends, Drew embraced her day-before-the-big-day with arms wide open.
 What a privilege it was to be a part of the day that will shape their lives forever!  

Ice Cream Anyone?

Independent is one word that describes this one well.  And she knows what she wants.  And she will go to all measures to get it!  Case in point....late one evening, I was sitting in our closet finishing up a conversation with my sister on the phone.  In walks Miss Maryn holding a half-gallon of chocolate moose tracks ice cream....
 and a ladle!  No need for a spoon, ladles are much larger and do an even better job when eating ice cream, right?!  
Needless to say, we had a few laughs!  She keeps us on our toes!  Even the physical therapist asked today if she tries to do things that are a bit less than age appropriate....why, yes, she does!  She is the youngest of 5 and is always trying her best to keep up!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's a bird....

nope, it's a PLANE!
 For Christmas, the boys were each given a certificate for flying lessons at a local airport....
 true to their "Top Gun"-ish style, they were full speed ahead when the time came for their mission, nerves were no where in site!  
 Both boys were given a ground lesson first, then they took off, flew for 30ish minutes over the lake and surrounding areas, and then landed the plane....then a switch of piloting places occurred and up they went again!
 Colin's only hesitation was that Pryce would be allowed to do all of the above while he flew along - this is a valid concern as Pryce does not always have caution first in his vocabulary, he is our more adventurous kiddo and loves a little speed in his madness!  Colin on the other hand, is very cautious.
 My moment of panic was watching as they took off for the first time....BOTH of my boys were in the hands of a stranger, FLYING around out of my sight, eeekkk!  
 Then, I saw this.....
 I am pretty sure they could not have chosen a more perfect afternoon to fly.....
the sky was gorgeous, a few clouds with the sun beaming through and no wind in sight....they said the air was as smooth as glass!
 Meanwhile, our girls were very entertained with the plane activity and eating pizza....
 and, of course, an airport is always a perfect place for a little ballet lesson!  Maddox was our photographer for the evening....she loves to snap pictures and videos of our family.
 It was so cute to see the girls cheering on their brothers as they took off....
 and landed safely!  Phew, the landing part was my favorite;)
 Seeing these two guys with huge grins from ear to ear, all four of their feet on the ground safely, and listening to their flight stories on our drive home, this made my night!  
I loved seeing them enjoy a new experience and I am so thankful for the opportunities they have been given in life!

Happy 7 Years of Forever MK!

7 Years of Forever!
It all began with one little 10-month-old baby girl....
and 7 years later, she continues to pave the way for us....
 a morning of her favorites - chocolate donuts, oranges and strawberries....
 and a day off from school....
and she got to wear her favorite dress without a bow, sigh.  
7 years looks good on this girl!  
She is my sweet girl who helps me without hesitating!  Love her to pieces and so much more!

Four Years of Forever for Maddox!

Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha!!!  We love remembering this day with our girls - the day they joined our family forever! Just like I will never forget the moment my boys entered this world, I will never, ever forget the moment I first laid eyes on my girls!  
Per Maddox's request, we had Cheerios for breakfast and a night out with the family that evening....and in between, we wore our Cinderella slippers to see the Cinderella movie!  What a beautiful message for my girl on this day of celebration!
"Have courage and be kind" - can't wait to see this movie again and again!  
Three days later, Maddox was all smiles once again as she had her very last day of speech therapy!  
This little girl has my heart!  She is everything from loving to sassy to spunky to hilarious to cuddly and everything in between!  So thankful that God opened our hearts to adoption and this beautiful baby!  
My "hippie baby" forever.  I love you sweet girl!

Bowling 101 - Don't mess with mommy:)
Every ball I bowled was either a strike or a was a rather good day for me!  We all laughed because typically I lose.
 Teen Pact
These three guys had a day to see and do as our state senators and state representatives do at the capitol.  They each presented their bills  - Pryce's bill was that all sports arenas should be equipped with ChicFilA while his buddies suggested all should have a mandatory naptime and a 3 day school week.....
 We stepped outside and there were the tiniest little snowflakes coming down.....the only snow we will see this year!
 Maryn loves to blow bubbles and I love her little lips....
 Skating with our has not been done in two years!  Pryce and MK took off as if they had just been skating yesterday.....and Maddox, well, she was off and skating as if she had been doing it her entire 5 1/2 years of life.  
 And our littlest bit wasn't about to let everyone skate without her!  Upon arrival and everyone getting their skates, she let it be known that she was in need of her own skates as well.....and she was going on the rink do or die:)  We love her spunk!
 As Ryan says, "A sign of things to come!"  We heard giggling the other day coming from our closet.  When we went in, we found Maryn being tattooed up by her big sister, Maddox....these two are only a portion of what was all over her body!  Oh my!
 Trying to make the best of school....outside and perfect!
 Build A Bear gift cards are the best and our girls had the best time building bears together!
 They stuffed, and patted their hearts....
 bathed them and clothed them....
 and couldn't wait to take them home!  

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